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Welcome to all our new Members and their Cars

Thank you for registering with us and becoming part of the only known dedicated register purely covering all the factory produced special edition MG's and prototype cars built between 1962-1980.

The club started originally in 2007 with our aim to maintain a register of as many of these special vehicles as possible plus offer the chance for you, the members, to meet up and exchange stories and attend group gatherings. This register has now grown to over 500+ members worlwide with a catalogue of nearly a 1000 cars on our books.

This is very much your club and if you would like to join in at a more active co-ordinator level please let one ofour team know as we are always looking for assistance.

Please note that we also offer, via the webshop, various items of regalia including welcome packs containing a certificate of authenticity which shows all of your cars build and club details.

One last note and one I don't like to mention. The club is free to join and be a member of however we do have costs & overheads (£60+ alone per year just to run this site) so we do have a donations option page  where any kind of support is greatly appreciated and put to good use improving the club for the future.

Enjoy the site and we look forward to hearing from you very soon

Colin Goodey- Site Founder

Michelle Sandford - Historian, Marketing & Scribe

Bob Hubbard - Events co-ordinator , Marketing,Scribe & MGOC Contact

Ian Cass - Website Guru

Clive Wilday - MGCC Contact

Garry Wiggins

Simon Lilley

Jason Hoult

Mark Price

Ken Armstrong


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Thankyou for the add


Peter cobb

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Alexander Roy

Good afternoon to you all,

I've recently bought A19 MGB an MGB LE manufactured in 1980 not registered until 1985.

I'm looking forward to being part of the MG family.

I was born in 1967 and lived in Abingdon until 2016. I have great memories of the factory and the carnival just prior to the shutdown announcement. I have great friends who worked at the factory.

Hi everyone, my name is Colin most call me Col. Born in Winchester raised until 10 in Southampton, at which time family migrated to Australia Nov 1968. I have always loved MG’s and have owned and restored them on and off since I was 20. Having served in both Military and Civilian Navy’s, I am now semi retired. My current MG project is a 1975 Rubber nose built 7/75. Initially exported to California then purchased by an Australian and changed back to R/H drive in 1984. It was running when bought and really only needed a cleanup and brought back to her original specs. When I was told that I was looking at a 1975 MGB I was intrigued by the VIN # ending in a – G, and suspected that I was actually looking at a Golden Jubilee Soft Top Roadster. I am looking forwards to sharing with you her trip back to original specs , or should I say as close as I can get her,  and to pass roadworthiness as a daily drive. Cheers, Col.

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Hi Everyone

I have just joined the club as about 2 months ago I bought a MGB GT LE in very reasonable condition. I am located in Brisbane area Australia.

This particular car has spent most of its life in South Africa and the last 10 years in Oz. Both have good climates for classic cars and the body and paintwork is in very good condition.

I would like to maybe update the seats as these are looking a little tired and want to maintain the original LE material if anyone knows a source.

OK guys all the best.

Cheers CJ

Hi Charles, I am a newbie to the site as well, down in Tas. There a lot of companies that make good quality new seat covers that just pull over and clamp, they also have new foams. the link I have supplied is a top local MG spares shop who are always very helpful and know there stuff.

I bought mine Charles from eBay, I do a lot of business with Watford Classic Cars in the UK.



Thanks Col

I was hopeful of an exact match to my 'deck chair ' fabric to keep my LE fully authentic. Not sure if anyone knows where I can source new ones...cheers

Hello everyone, new member near Bath with a Jubilee - JRX676P.
Looking forward to seeing other Bs around and about the Wiltshire area.



Hi Dave

Welcome to JULE, I am in Westbury Wiltshire and have a 79 Abingdon Jubilee Roadster, a one off, and look forward to seeing you and your Jubilee somewhere soon


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