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Welcome to the All New JULE Website


Hi I am Pat as in Patrick.  I have owned a JUB for 18 years, it is No 4 and still has the original plaque.  It has been authenticated by the car club as genuine.  I have in fact got  three MG's and at my age have decided I can only drive one at a time so we are going to sell two of them.  The JUB and a beautiful heritage bodied roadster.  If any one wants one let me know.  I will be keeping my 1957 A for a while as long as I can get in and out of it.

Hi Pat

Welcome aboard albeit a shame that you need to part with 2 of your MG's  🙁

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hi Colin I purchased a welcome pack on the 17th of October but still not received it can you shed any light on it please.

Hi all, am new to the club, getting back in to MGB's after a prolonged lay off. I sold my last one in around 88/89 which was a Jubilee the vrm was similar to LHD746N, it was bought by a gentleman called John Jebb of Gedling Nottingham. I know he had it for several years. Any way she was sold because my the girlfriend, later wife, now ex wife didn't like them! I guess there is a lesson there. So here I am nearly thirty years later getting back in to something I should never have left. The trigger was a search for either a Jubilee ( I would love my old car back at some time ) or one of the final edition roadsters or Gt's. This lead to a very grainy image on FB of HYX981W in Wigan with an optimistic price tag of £3,000, having been off the road over three years  and a none runner, with some serious corrosion issues! Anyway a deal was done and she is now back at my friends garage to begin an optimistic rebuild schedule for her to be ready for her 40th birthday in February next year. I will keep you posted on progress.

Hi Roger & a warm welcome

If you use the following link to our JULE database and add your old Jube's registration you might be presently surprised


Good luck with your new acquisition and please feel free to start a thread of your progress. Also if you are on facebook you might wish to join our members group 🙂

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Well, that is a sight for sore eyes ! Totally made my morning ! Great to see she is very much loved and still about !