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What comes around goes around !

While I was out shopping last week I came upon a copy of Classic Car Weekly and what should I find on the front cover but one of my old cars a Jubilee GT.

I rebuilt the car over the back end of 1989 and started to show it all over the country. I won many awards and became a concourse judge with the car.Eventually a new project was round the corner and the car was sold for a MG TD. This was sold more recently and is doing the rounds up in the North. I now have an MGRV8 .

With a recent move and acquiring a dog the RV8 is no longer the right type of car for going out and about so you guessed it ,lets have the Jubilee back and yes lets start again.

Hope to get the car next week and have dug out all the rebuild documentation to remind me what was done. It is difficult to believe its 28 years since I last worked on her but very gratifying to see a lot of the work has stud up well. I have some stores to tell but will leave it there for now and look forward to saying hello to you all in JULE

Very best wishes

Dr Steve Ellams

Firstly Welcome to JULE .


Wow what an amazing result for you. The site has re-united a couple of members with their Jubiee's , the most recent being Jason Hoult who was put in touch with his old  Jubilee which he owned back in the 90's and which he went onto purchase and restore.

We look forward to hearing the next chapters in due course 🙂

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If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Congratulations in finding your old love.

Bob Hubbard