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Wheel nuts....2 variants !

I was doing some servicing on LNP at the weekend and I noticed that a couple of the wheel nuts were a bit stiff and graunchy. I cleaned up all four and the threads and I noticed that there are two slightly different styles of nut. One has a wider flange on the washer but is also shorter in length on the hexagon. And looking at where the thread engages one has an internal groove, the other doesn't. It is this groove that seems to collect dust and dirt and causes it to be stiff. A clean-out made them just like new in action. See photos....
Does anyone have a definitive wheel nut tightening torque please ? Is 60ft.lbs about right ?
Thanks very much.

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  • pa270036.jpg

......and here is the 2nd image.

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  • pa270038.jpg

The shorter one with the separate flange is the original..As far as torque goes I always nip them up then let the wheel down on the ground to help centralise it then tighten it up to 60 lbsft

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

After all these years someone may have put a couple of diferent ones on. try & get some second hand ones from a show or something

Bob Hubbard