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which wire goes where -Relays?

Ever been confused about which wire goes where on your L.E. well worry no more

Here's a wiring diagram showing both the 2 can shaped ignition and starter relays in the later cars.

The wiring should be

Starter relay

W2 = Earth Black
W1 = 2 x White/red
C2 = 1 x White/Red
C1 = 2 x Brown (Live feed)

Ignition Relay

W2 = Earth Black
W1 = 2 x White
C2 = 1 x White/Brown
C1 = 1 x Brown (Live feed)

pin no's on equivelent relays

30 = C1
85 = W2
86 = W1
87 = C2

Hope this helps

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Very helpful! I wonder if someone has like a descriptive list of earthing points to check over and clean? eg, black wire under dash clocks attached to bodywork etc? I think all the connections on mine could do with a good clean.

So now I know what those round cans are on the off side of the engine bay 😉
Maybe I will paint an S on one and an I on the other, then I will know which one to kick!
Thanks for this enlightenment Colin B)