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Wolfrace Slots & tyres X 5 for sale or swap

Hi everyone and thanks to Colin for the welcome to the forum.
Having discovered I have a Jubilee (and what a great thing to find out!) I am setting out on the path of restoring to original. My car came on a tidy set of slots with four good Goodyear GT2 185/70s and a Michelin spare. I have all 16 nuts including longer front ones with the appropriate spacers (as I believe they were specced for the MGB ). Separate nuts for spare wheel as slightly different, and plenty of hub centres.
Looking to sell for OIEO £200 and on the hunt for some jubilee wheels in serviceable (ie light resto) condition?
In Pangbourne, near M4 J12.

I'm interested in the wheels, but the "problem" is I live in Holland.