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My company specialise MGB, GT, Midget, and MGA servicing and repairs restoration, and up grades. We also another area where we build sportscars. check out our web We have been a specialist since early 1980's, we do not advertise majority of our business comes in through reccomendation.
The reason for this email is that as you are J.U.L.E register i wanted let you know we have had just delivered to us for work and reccomissioning, a MGB LE, it has been dry stored for most if not all of it's life, it has just 16,000 on the odometer. The last Five numbers on the Vin are 19131 also separate numbers are 031006.
We thought you may be interested to know about this MGB.
I can be contacted on 07973 897783 or email:

P S, I have been a continual member of the MGOC since 1975

Best regards
Malcolm L Badger

Mobile: 07973897783

Bob Hubbard