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I have been using Sussex Classic Car Parts for some time now and never had any problems with the items I have bought or had posted to me, which all arrive next day. If you ask for the thinggy to go with the doodah he will probably have it in stock and cheaper than else where. Tel 01403 711551


Bob Hubbard

Greg is the man!

Me and my Dad have used him for years on our cars. He was my main supplier for parts on my restored Jube. Comes highly recommended from me, post is net day if ordered early the previous day. And if he hasn't got it, he gets it in quick!

I back both of you/can't fault them

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I have bought a set of stripes from a local vendor and found it a nightmare to even put them on the ones listed on ebid look so much much easier. But the roadster ones are not available yet I want to order them by summer any one has a idea I would appreciate a reply I am willing to pay a little more if I could find a set that would be easier James Gelbman:@:@:@

The basic stripe sets are the same for the GT & roadster it's just the colourthat's different and we have yet to get a good match for the UKLE gold ones

Hi James,
Did you try those from "Victoria British", Kansas (US) ?
I did use those three times before, never had a problem with them.