Club L.E. (UK) Engraved Alloy Dash Plaque


Available on back-order



Please allow around 6 weeks for delivery as the plaques are currwntly on order 12/4/19 and there are only 20’available

Reproduced to match the plaque fitted to the Jubilee model but only available as stick on

This item is supplied fully engraved with your LE’s build no. at the top and whatever you would like (max 16 charactors) on the base. Typical choices are –

1st Owners Name (as per originals however you will need to provide this information)

your name

Reg no.

Build Date

JULE no.

Nickname or anything else you wish

Please note that to keep the costs down we send batches of atleast 5 at a time to be engraved so delivery time could vary considerably. We will however try to give you an idea of what this would be at the time of order or before hand if you care to email us

These are only available to JULE club members to tegister please use this link 


Additional information

Weight150 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm


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