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Historic Vehicle – DVLA Build Dating Letter

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Historic Vehicle/ build dating letter

The Club have worked with the DVLA since 2012 when they contacted us regarding a vehicles identity.

As a result we have a good relationship and they have always accepted our confirmation when it has come to identifying and ageing our vehicles.

I personally used the the attached when requesting historic status for my Jubilee 5 years ago and until now have helped a further 5 or 6 members with DVLA requests.

If you are having issues with gaining Historic status for your MGB or alternatively have another issue please let us know as we are only too happy to try and help.

If you haven’t already purchased one it would be advisable to order this letter in conjunction with our certificate of authenticity (this is also offered as part of a pack).

Please note that although we have never previously had an issue whereby the DVLA has disregarded or rejected our statements we cannot be responsible it they were to do so.

Any questions then please ask.



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